The Detour

Catch me as Sam San, a TaeKwonDo sensei, in TBS’ The Detour! (Episode 206: The Tournament)


From Dean Fleischer-Camp and Super Deluxe, starring Nathan Fielder (Comedy Central’s “Nathan for You”) and with Jenny Slate! Indiewire: “originally bizarre… Grade: A”


"Catherine" w/Jenny Slate (Sundance 2014) - Nelson Cheng as Richard, a deadpan office worker.


Profiled in Vice's "The Creators Project", RefugeeGuy11 was an effort to raise awareness for the Refugee Olympic Team and the plight of refugees around the world. (at the 2016 Rio Olympics, for the first time ever, a team of refugees was allowed to compete under the Olympic flag)

Bella and the Bulldogs

Nelson Cheng as a production assistant. w/former NFL MVP Kurt Warner.

Actor Seeks Role

A selection of the New Yorker magazine's screening series of short films. w/Alex Karpovsky and Dylan Baker.

Stray Day

A Disney short series about a dog who escapes an adoption fair. Starring Jenny Slate and directed by Dean Fleischer-Camp. I play a dog catcher!

Adult Swim’s For-Profit Online University

Adult Swim's "For-Profit Online University" - Nelson Cheng as LetsFunHans, a college student in a spoof infomercial.

Funny or Die’s “HUVr”

Funny or Die's "HUVr" w/Tony Hawk, Moby, Billy Zane, and Christopher Lloyd. Over 15 million views on YouTube. Nelson Cheng as HUVrTech spokesperson.