Thoughts on 2018 NBA Draft

1. Ayton to the Suns
I would've taken Doncic here. Here's my larger issue about Ayton -- who is obviously a tremendously skilled big man who certainly looks the part of a franchise center -- I particularly watch the playoffs closely and guys who don't play defense well enough get relentlessly attacked. Relentlessly. Kevin Love is a great example of a fantastic player who tries and is a shade below where he needs to be and boy is that guy a...

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Jami Gertz / NBA Draft Lottery

So inexplicably, Jami Gertz was the Hawks' representative at the NBA draft lottery last night (she and her husband are apparently part of the ownership group that owns the Hawks). If you don't know who that is, she was in the Seinfeld episode with "spare a square" (it's these two clips):

Zach Lowe in his coverage of the lottery asked her about it [link...

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Thoughts on A Prophet

I recently saw "A Prophet" -- it's a a French crime / prison drama from 2009 (nominated for Best Foreign Language Film). I got interested in it because the lead actor, Tahar Rahim -- he's one of the stars of the new Hulu series "A Looming Tower". 

On a separate note about A Looming Tower -- I listened to a podcast reviewing it and the hosts were naming the stars of the show (and Tahar is undoubtedly one of the stars -- he and the Jeff...

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Thoughts on Celtics / Sixers Trade—Fultz Deal

So last night it was announced that the Celtics would be moving the #1 overall pick to the Sixers for the #3 overall pick + either the 2018 Lakers 1st round pick (if it falls within 2 to 5) and if it doesn't, then the 2019 Kings 1st round pick -- which I believe is unprotected.


  • There's seemingly widespread consensus that Fultz is the best player in the draft. I actually haven't seen a draft board that has anyone else at the...
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Williamstown Theatre Festival
Back in 2008, I was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Williamstown is an annual festival that puts on several plays and musicals up in Williamstown, Massachusetts (home to Williams College.) 
The apprentice program is notable for having numerous famous (acting) alums and is generally considered a huge resume get for actors in the New York area. I thought I’d write a blog post summarizing some of my experiences which...
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Films I saw in 2016
0s & 1s
20th Century Women
--really loved this film; found it poignant and delightful. Greta Gerwig is something else in it.
A Clockwork Orange
A Face in the Crowd
A Tale of Love and Darkness
A Walk Among the Tombstones 
--just a really great Liam Neeson film; understated yet powerful
A Wonderful Cloud
All the Way
--tremendous Bryan Cranston performance
Amanda Knox
--I knew maybe a light sprinkling of what you would...
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